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Customizing Your Client’s Look with Classic Lashes

classic lashes

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Classic lashes are the perfect enhancement for Insta-worthy eyes. They’re not only effortlessly customizable, but they’re also easy to maintain. With their subtle yet captivating appeal, a quality set of classic lashes can instantly turn heads. Whether for daily wear or special occasions, classic lashes are a must-have accessory that keeps your clients ahead of the beauty curve. 

But not all your clients may be familiar with the differences between lash styles, and you can help them decide what lash extensions they need and how best to care for them. So if you want to steer clients in the right direction to achieve a stunning effect, this post gives you all you need to know to explain how classic lashes can make your clients’ eyes pop, giving them a timeless yet trendy look.

classic lashes

Classic Lash Extensions vs. Volume Lashes

You know that classic lash extensions are different from volume lashes in several different ways. But during consultations, you can make sure your client understands the exact process and maintenance for classic lashes so that you guide them to the choice that levels up their lash game and makes them look and feel like a glam goddess. 

Make sure they understand these major differences and the pros and cons of either style:

  • Appearance: One of the biggest differences your customers must be aware of during consultation is the appearance of each type of lash extension. Classic lashes, when applied, provide a more natural, pure look. Volume lashes tend to give the eye a more dramatic or full appearance. Make sure your client knows the difference before installation—they may prefer classic lashes if they’re new to extensions and then step up to volume extensions later. However, if they want instant drama, especially for an event, volume lashes might be a better fit.
  • Volume: Volume lashes are made up of several lash extensions, giving the eye a fuller appearance. For this reason, it is generally popular to wear volume lashes when the client has thinner, shorter natural lashes. Classic eyelashes are less glamorous in volume than volume lashes, but consistently give the eye a round, natural look.
  • Time: Classic lash extensions make for a faster process, so clients get done faster. Volume lashes can be a lengthy process, which means a longer appointment. Both types of lashes, however, require infills after two to three weeks.
  • Process: Volume lashes are applied by creating a fan of several lash extensions. This gives the eye a fuller appearance than classic lashes. They also last longer than classic lashes (usually six to eight weeks). Although classic lashes require checkups every two to three weeks, they are simpler to put in, as they are applied by attaching one fiber to the tip of each eyelash.
  • Maintenance: Classic lashes allow for a more hands-off approach compared to volume lash maintenance. Because of their simple upkeep, clients with a more casual makeup routine or those who lead busy lifestyles may prefer lower maintenance in comparison to volume lashes. Discuss aftercare for lashes, particularly the maintenance tips below, so that they’re all set to care for their own lashes regardless of what style they choose.

Classic Lashes and Your Client

Of course, every client is unique, and the same goes for their lash extensions. However, you can work with your client to choose between classic lashes and volume extensions by helping them narrow down the best look for their face. Whether a customer should choose classic lash extensions or volume lashes can be determined by these factors:

  • Natural thickness: A customer with naturally thick lashes may only need classic lashes, but a customer with sparse lashes may lean toward volume lash extensions. So ask your client during consultation their own preferences and help them consider how each impacts their natural thickness. While you can process any style, help your customer know what can best benefit their original lashes while giving them the most glamorous look. 
  • Subtlety: Classic lashes provide a more natural look than general mascara or lash extensions. For this reason, it is important to listen to what your client says about the level of subtlety they are trying to achieve. If they want a more natural look, classic lashes are the way to go. Remember, classic lashes can be less noticeable than volume extensions, but they are no less eye-catching!
  • Occasion: Typically, a client will prefer volume extensions for big occasions, such as parties or big events. However, for a day-to-day look and wear, classic lashes are the definite choice for comfortability and maintenance. It’s important to ask your client if they have an event they will be attending in order to make the best decision in choosing the type of lashes.
  • Hybrid lashes: If your client is torn between either look, discuss hybrid lashes with your client and how this choice can be the perfect compromise. Hybrid lashes are a blend of volume lashes and classic lash extensions, that mix the elements of fullness and naturality. The option of hybrid lashes creates a uniquely multi-dimensional effect, combining the texture and enhancement of volume lashes and classic lash extensions. Hybrid lashes also have a longer lifespan than regular lash extensions. For these reasons, hybrid lashes can be a valuable and unique pick for your client, so don't hesitate to bring this up during consultation. Remember, it's important to choose a look that best supports the desired effect and preferences of your customer!

classic lashes

Aftercare Tips for Clients with Classic Lashes

Maintenance and aftercare help your client’s lashes last and look healthy and fresh. So share these aftercare tips with your client, and don’t hesitate to encourage them to use products you stock to ensure they have quality aftercare products that match the quality of their lashes: 

  • Maintain clean lashes. Be sure to wash lashes at least every 24 hours thoroughly, but gently. This step ensures the lashes stay clean, avoiding possible eye infections that can occur from dirt buildup. Do not scrub the lashes, and use a gentle product such as our soft miss clean spa day lash bath. It is best to avoid harsh soaps or body washes when washing your lashes. Use the lash cleanser by applying it with the cloud brush, making slow, gentle circles on your eye for about 30 seconds. Rinse the lashes with cold water before switching eyes. After the lashes are clean, dab a soft, damp cloth to dry your eyes.
  • Avoid unnecessary products. New lashes can be easily ruined by using products that tamper with your lashes’ quality. Oily products are toxic to new lashes, as they weaken the adhesive used to help the lashes stick. Mascara also tends to take away the effect classic lashes give by bunching the lashes and occasionally tangling them. Clumpy mascara lashes can tamper with the upkeep by catching dirt and other debris, making it difficult to maintain. Avoid oily products, using gentle products such as lash baths that keep debris and harmful products away from the lashes.
  • Brush lashes. Regularly brush lashes gently to avoid tangles. This can be done by using a clean mascara wand or spoolie brush. To brush lashes, make gentle upward strokes on your lashes, ensuring you catch the area from root to tip. Making a habit out of regularly brushing lashes keeps both the eye and lashes healthy and fresh!

Classic lashes offer a timeless and versatile option to unleash a look that speaks volumes. Their effortless customization and easy maintenance make them a go-to choice for clients seeking to level up their natural look. Whether for daily wear or special events, classic lashes ensure a stunning outcome every time. 

Now that you know how to help clients choose between classic and volume lashes, stock up on lash trays for classic lashes so you’re prepared to give clients a look they’ll fall in love with. 

You can shop confidently with Trish Cosmetics, so stop by in person at our Brooklyn location or take advantage of our same-day local delivery. Just like you consult with your clients for a perfect fit, our excellent customer service ensures that we’ll be here to consult with you and answer your questions so you can find the perfect products for your lash business. Give us a call or reach out to us through email or direct message—we’re happy to discuss our wide range of products with you!