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Trish Cosmetics

Summers @ Trish CO.

Mega Volume sets all summer.

Trish Cosmetics

Welcome to The Dream Life

Fiber Tip Tweezer Collection

6 Light weight precision grip styles

Trish Cosmetics

The Reminders Fiber Tip Tweezer Collection

Shop our new 90° & 45° fiber tip tweezer

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Trish Cosmetics

Life is about options

Who else you know has three different lines of lashes for every kind of lash tech?! Lash trays carefully curated with you in mind. We carry a wide range of different textures, diameters & lengths 7-25mm. Not sure which to use? Hit us up via text or DM and we can help you girlie!

Trish Cosmetics


Eyelash application kit for do-it-yourself use.

Trish Cosmetics


Eat them up with our DIY lash kits, boo! Whether you want a light wispy or a full-on volume set, you can do it right from home. And for my fellow lash tech queens, keep that bag flowing – offer this quick service and secure those coins effortlessly, hun!


Hey, gorgeous ladies! It’s Trish, the boss babe behind Trish Cosmetics! I started doing lashes back in 2017, went from being your fav lash tech to your fav lash educator! Fast forward to 2021, I opened up Trish Co., my lash supply store in Brooklyn, NY. With years in the lash game, I know what’s good when it comes to products.

I feel you – you need your supplies, like, yesterday! We ship orders every day except Sunday, and if you’re local, we got Uber options for that quick in-store pickup. Life’s all about choices, right? So, we’ve got a whole range of trays, adhesives, accessories – you name it!

At Trish Co., we’ve carved out a dope space for the girls – a spot to shop, learn, share laughs, and network. We’re all about girl power, and we seriously love each and every one of you. Big shoutout to you all for riding with us and showing love to Trish Co.! 💖